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Well, the 2015 season ended with the Gators winning their third national championship in a row.

That would be back-to-back-to-back national championships. A triple-back!

On top of that, Gator Kytra Hunter, who won the national all-around title as a freshman, won the title again as a senior. She ended her career as arguably the greatest Gator gymnast ever.

Then, after the euphoria died down, longtime coach Rhonda Faehn announced she was retiring from college gymnastics to go back to working with USA Gymnastics, the organization that works with elite gymnasts and helps pick the gymnasts for world and Olympic competitions.

That meant the University of Florida had to hire a new coach. And the Gators found their next coach within the SEC -- from Auburn University, a team that was regularly a second-tier SEC team until Jenny Rowland arrived as an associate head coach.

( photo)

Now she is leading the Gators as the team aims for for yet another national title.

This means the Gator Gymnastics Gang has a lot of work in store for it as the new season approaches. Watch this Website for updates on when the next meetings will be held and how you can help.

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Become a GGG Member

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Winning the National Championship -- A War of Inches

In this very professional video, watch how Florida battled back from early falls to win its first national title.To see dozens of videos, click on the videos link at the top of this page.


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